Splashbacks are Safe and Hygienic

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There are many different types of splashbacks available in the market today. These can be constructed out of tile, stone or glass and their key purpose is to protect walls from the effects of damp and rot due excessive water transference.  Basically a splashback repels the water from reaching the wall by acting as an additional layer or barrier.  However while they are undoubtedly efficient at repelling water, they also serve an additional function as a barrier to bacteria and mould.

During cooking it is very easy for “splatter” to hit and stay on the wall.  Over time, this seeps into the wall itself and while it is not as damaging as water, it often causes discoloration and could in extreme cases also cause odours.  Cleaning a painted wall is definitely possible, but if you have a splashback on it, it is significantly easier.  Generally speaking the most effective type of splashback when considering hygiene is a glass splashback.

While tile splashbacks are very easy to clean, it is possible for mould, mildew and germs to gather in the grout lines connecting the tiles together.  These are significantly more difficult to clean and it is possible for the bacteria to breed in the grout lines damaging the integrity of your splashback.  Stone splashbacks can be purchased in a single sheet minimizing this, but one of the problems with stone is that they are generally extremely porous and normal cooking materials over time could “pit” the surface of the splashback itself – again nullifying its effectiveness.

Glass splashbacks are also available in a single continuous sheet based on the size of the area that you wish to cover – similar to stone – so you do not have to worry about cleaning between grout lines and in contrast to tile and stone, glass is extremely resistant to the effects of most cooking and cleaning materials used in the house.  In addition glass splashbacks have a singularly appealing and beautiful look making them stand out and become a feature in the home rather than just another accessory.

At MyColourGlass we have been in the business of selling and installing glass splashbacks for years.  We offer many standard sizes, but also have a custom bespoke service where we are able to perform a glass measurement and survey service throughout the South East of England and into the Home Counties.  All of our glass splashbacks are made from toughened glass, which is not only significantly stronger than regular glass; but is also suitable for use behind a cooker and while it is easy to assume you would be paying a premium for all of these benefits this need not be the case.