Splashbacks Make it Easy to Keep Your Spaces Clean


Splashbacks in the kitchen and bathroom serve two main purposes.  The primary reason for them is as a protection against water as excessive water on walls tends to cause them to rot with the potential for significant damage to the home.  However a secondary but just as important reason for splashbacks especially in kitchen areas is to protect walls from splatter and mess from cooking.  Kitchen mess if not cleaned completely can seep into the wall itself and while they may not cause damage to the home could have serious health consequences and could also cause serious odour issues.

Splashbacks are generally available in three different materials – glass, stone and tile – and while both stone and tile are extremely efficient at repelling water, the unfortunate fact is they are simply not as good as glass.  In addition due to the way stone and tile splashbacks are constructed and installed, they need to be joined together through the use of grout which is a potential breeding ground for bacteria, mould and mildew if not properly cleaned.  Unfortunately while it is often quite easy to clean the face of the splashback, getting into those grout lines and cleaning them effectively is significantly more difficult and if bacteria, mold and mildew do take hold in these areas, they could break down the actual structure of the grout itself.  If this happens, the actual integrity of the splashback itself could become jeopardized completely reducing its effectiveness.  As a final point, stone not only has to contend with the problems inherent in tile splashbacks, but most stone splashbacks are constructed of a porous material.  While they may be resistant to water, normal everyday cleaning materials will over time pit and scar the stone greatly degrading its overall look and visual appeal.

Glass splashbacks in contrast not only repel water more effectively than stone and tile, but as glass is naturally resistant to most household cleaning materials, there is no risk of them becoming pitted while cleaning.  Glass splashbacks are also constructed of a single continuous sheet cut to the exact dimensions of the wall it is designed to cover.  This means that there are no grout lines for bacteria to breed in and cleaning glass splashbacks is significantly easier than those constructed from other materials.

Glass splashbacks are available in a variety of colours and looks to suit your home design requirements and as all of the glass splashbacks we supply are constructed from toughened glass they are suitable for use in even the most high traffic areas of your home.