coloured glass splashback

Tempered Glass Kitchen Backsplash – Give Your Kitchen a Refreshing Look

Kitchen splashbacks have been around since long, but these were not such a popular thing as these are today. The tempered kitchen glass is the most popular choice for homeowners who wish to give their kitchen a modern look. In earlier times, splashbacks were just meant to protect your kitchen walls from stains and water splashes, but these serve additional purposes today. For modern kitchens, glass splashbacks are a perfect statement adding the most to your kitchen space.


Now the question is why choose Tempered Glass

When it comes to glass kitchen splashbacks, there come a lot of choices. But the question is why to choose glass kitchen backsplashes only? Well it is the benefits that these tempered glass splashbacks offer. This is one such glass that beats any other conventional glass fitting in the present day. Here are some major reasons why it should be preferred over the regular glass for not only kitchen backsplashes but bathtub and shower enclosures too. With this you know the benefits of glass splashbacks.


Advantages of Coloured Tempered Glass

It is made tough while heating it at higher temperature and then cooling it all at once. This is such a treatment that changes the structure of glass completely, which further goes a long way to offer the benefits to its users. One of the best advantages of it is how it disintegrates into so many small parts when completely broken. So in case your tempered glass breaks down, the pieces fall on the ground in a way that there’s hardly any risk of getting injuries.

When it is tempered glass, it is not an easy thing to break it off in the first place. It is always pitched against the plastic as the plastic offers a lot of toughness also. But the point is plastic cannot be too classy and neat. Additionally, it is easier to clean the surface of glass than any other material like tiles or so. Neither there is any need to tackle any scratches when installing a tempered glass in your kitchen space. And even if you get these scratches somehow, there are a lot of ways to get rid of these scratches.

Apart from this, tempered glass is perfect choice for the kitchen splashbacks as kitchens counters are the busiest place in the kitchen. It is the surface where most of the tasks are carried on.

You would definitely be aware of the type of work carried on in the kitchen. There are so many splashes of oil, water and other liquid that may spill over the surfaces. In addition to that, smoke, steam also leaves dirty marks on the surface that encounters them. However with the perfect glass cleaning chemical and a natural piece of cloth, you can easily clean the glass without taking much time. In fact it is just the surface like glass that can offer you the peace of mind as it gets cleaned very easily.


Why prefer tempered glass over any other material?

When it comes to kitchen backsplashes, there is no count of the materials to be chosen. You can choose to have a backsplash made of steel, wood, marble, tin, concrete and other material in your kitchen. But no matter how many options you have, there is nothing that can surpass the benefits of installing a coloured glass splashback in the kitchen.