Why Choose Glass whiteboards: The Advantages

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Gone are the times when we could see blackboards and other traditional boards in classrooms and the conference halls. The trend has changed to a great extent since decades. The arrival of whiteboards completely altered the tradition and eliminated the creepy sounds of chalk and the frustration of chalk dust sticking to everything around. Today the spaces are occupied by the whiteboards or the glass writing boards. You may be aware of many other types of boards like electric boards and so on but white glass boards stand out among the entire variety. So, here are some of the best advantages of choosing glass-boards for your classroom and the conference rooms.

Advantage 1: Eco-Friendly

One of the biggest benefits of glass whiteboards is how eco-friendly these are. When you install these boards in the entire office rather than installing it in the conference room only, you are literally eradicating the requirement of the sticky notes, use of long papers or the notepads. Different from the traditional whiteboards wiping off the written words on these glass boards do not produce any dust. One can easily clean these glass whiteboards with the environmentally friendly glass cleaners.

In addition to this, glass whiteboards can be easily recycled. These recycled parts include the hardware together with the surface. There is no plastic, formaldehyde, paint or the adhesives in glass whiteboard. All these elements are easy to spot in most of the whiteboards and when these are disposed of at later stage, these release toxic gases, while glass whiteboards do not face any such issues.

Advantage 2: Durable

Glass whiteboards comprise of tempered glass enclosed with a proper finishing and a toughened safety glass. With such construction, a board becomes capable of holding up under tremendous weight and pressure and there is no risk of breakage when something hard is thrown at it.

And the best thing about this glass whiteboard is this that even if is broken, rather than shattering into sharp pieces this glass will pebble up which means there is no risk for this type of glass to get into someone’s feet or so.

Advantage 3: Lasts Long

It’s the durability of white glass boards that make them last for long. Proper covering and the finish of this glass help carry on with proper cleaning. This also makes it best material to be used for years. No matter how much you bring it to use, a glass whiteboard has got a long life. In fact, it is the longevity of this glass material which makes it the best option among so many alternatives.

Advantage 4: Offer Easy Cleaning

When you are using a white glass board cleaning this type of glass is literally very easy. Traditional whiteboards comprise of such porous material that when you write on these and do not clean it for some long time, it becomes really difficult to manage cleaning it. Such whiteboards retain words and images in a manner that retain ghostly touch. Such marks on the board do no less to distract you from the main thing.

Advantage 5: Looks Appealing

Another best thing about glass whiteboards is this that these look very much appealing. Maybe because these glass whiteboards do not retain permanent stains on it. These glasses make a beautiful addition to your office space. These whiteboards add a modern look to a completely traditional classroom.

With the change in choices and advancement in the technology, even traditional boards have been replaced with something that offers the complete facility. Now that these glass whiteboards come up with so many advantages, it is literally hard to choose any other type of boards in your specific space. Hence make the best of it.