Top 6 Kitchen Splashback Ideas for your Modern Home

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Are you striving for the ideas to renovate your kitchen in the best way possible? Well, there are hundreds if not thousand ways to install a kitchen splashback board and update the space without going through complete modification. However, to inspire your kitchen renovations, we have gathered a few wonderful kitchen splashback ideas from our personal renovation experience. So without any delay lets get to the splashback ideas that actually contribute in making a difference in the place.


Black Glass Splashback

Glass splashbacks with glossy white cabinets give your kitchen space an accented look. For modern aesthetic value, there is no need to look further for different glass splashbacks. These are extremely easy to clean and their flat surface is available in a variety of colours which greatly depend on your taste.


Arabesque Tiles

When you wish to give your kitchen space an exotic and high-end look, arabesque tiles are just perfect for you. These tiles are comparatively high in range but these look really perfect in a kitchen fighting for an exotic feel. This is also a bit difficult to install as it has a bit different shape and structure. However, the eventual result is certainly worth it.


Chevron Tiles

Chevron has been a lot in trend for the past few years and this is certainly not going away for a long time. This kitchen splashback looks best when installed from the floor to the ceiling in the complete room. In case you are making the stripes shorter, you could definitely recreate the same kind of look between the upper cabinets and the worktop.


Copper Splashback

The professionals at Colour Glass just love the idea of the copper sink, but the question is why not take a step further and go on with the installation of copper kitchen splashback. Copper has got the higher durability rate and it is also easy to clean. In fact, the best part about the copper material is this that it keep the bacterias totally away and are good for health perspective too. These are some of the reasons which make copper splashback an ideal choice.


Chalkboard Splashback

If you are the one who often finds oneself forgetting the grocery list or the chiefs of your family schedule, chalkboard splashback is a great choice then. This splashback is one of the customizable ideas on the list. And a very simple reason behind is this that you can write down or can draw anything with chalk over this splashback.


Geometric Tiles

If you wish to add some geometric interest to your kitchen space while installing one of your kitchen splashback ideas, this is one of the best choices you can go with. Geometric tiles are one of the modern kitchen splashback ideas which looks just perfect, The diamond tiles are circled to create a chevron pattern which may feature different shades of grey, black, white and more. The tiles actually pair well with the symmetric kitchen cabinets making it a distinctive kitchen island.

I hope that above ideas have inspired you a bit to renovate your kitchen space. Altering your kitchen splashbacks can actually bring new life to the kitchen space for very less price than a complete kitchen.

And if you are planning to hire some professionals in the place to do the task for you, My Colour Glass in the UK is the best choice indeed. You just need to answer a few questions and our expert teams will shortlist the bids from you.