Toughened kitchen glass


Toughened, or tempered glass, is all of the rage for contemporary kitchen glass needs. Rather it be your wall cladding, splashback, or counter tops, we have the perfect solutions for your decorating needs at MyColourGlass. It not only looks great, but serves great, is easy to care for, and will last you for years to come. You will also be the envy of your friends and business associates when it comes to custom glass work in your kitchen.

How Can I Use Toughened Glass in My Kitchen?

There are many uses for custom glass in your kitchen. Let’s take a look at a few.

  • Splashbacks– Splashbacks are the most obvious use when it comes to toughen kitchen glass. You can get these in practically any colour. We custom cut using high precision technology to get the best in looks and use when it comes to your kitchen splashback. Toughened glass is very heat resistant, and easy to keep clean (as mentioned earlier). You can even cover your bar area in the toughened glass of your choice.
  • Wall Cladding– Wall cladding is no problem when it comes to toughened glass for your kitchen. If you need a colour specifically matched to an existing one, we can do that too, with a sample. Wall cladding also comes in panels for your ease of use and selection. Many are applying custom cut toughened glass counter tops in their overall design factor when it comes to their kitchen.
  • Partitions– Partitions can be very usable and convenient when it comes to your kitchen and dining area. You will often see this in commercial dining areas, such as the modern “state of the art” cafeteria in a hospital. The visitor dining area will often be partition off with toughened glass viewing windows. You can apply this same concept to your personal kitchen at home. It would be especially nice adding a tempered (toughened) glass door to your dining area showing the ultimate in good taste when it comes to your kitchen decor and usability.
  • Floors & Counter Tops– Toughened glass kitchen floors are really beautiful, and once again, easy to care for, as are the counter tops. They are very durable fitting your kitchen needs perfectly. You can alternate areas on your floor using toughened glass in any colour or shade of your choice. A section of toughened glass would look especially nice separating the flooring in between the dining and kitchen areas for a very contemporary chic look. You could even section off this area and the entry way with matching glass wall cladding running up from the floor and onto the walls, including a bit on the ceiling in a fashionable way.

Toughened Kitchen Glass Overview

Take your time and shop around on MyColourGlass, and look and see what options we have to offer when it comes to your kitchen solutions and decorating needs. If you have any questions, or would like ideas, talk to the experts at MyColourGlass. They do this almost everyday and have seen much beautiful work when it comes to toughened kitchen glass.