Upgrading with a Glass Splashback

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Every kitchen requires a glass splashback to protect the wall. A glass splashback in the kitchen is a tried, tested and true method of adding some visual interest. This is an insanely practical decorating choice, in part due to the low maintenance of toughened glass. Able to stand up to heat and moisture, glass is also easy to maintain. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth will usually suffice. With no grout required to affix the glass, there is nothing to absorb grime or dirt, ensuring the space is cleaner with no effort at all. Grout can also discolour and degrade over time, meaning that more maintenance time is required.

For a decorative touch, a coloured glass splashback may be the choice. Whether its to provide an accent to an existing look, or to turn the kitchen into a statement piece, the glass can be painted before it is mounted. Bespoke glass splashbacks can be created for the room — colour matching an existing swatch, or choosing a colour from any popular colour system like RAL or any other. These splashbacks can be custom cut as well to account for an existing fixtures, like sockets and cabinets.

Maybe the kitchen is already a beautiful colour — preserve it with a clear glass splashback! A toughened glass panel can be mounted using posts with fixing holes cut out. Since it is transparent, using adhesive is not an option, as it will show through the edges. Posts are a much cleaner option, and easily cut out. With polished edges to avoid any mishaps, having glass protecting the walls can help prolong the paint’s life while being a safe alternative.

Another method of decorating with splashbacks is choosing a printed splashback. Any high resolution image can be digitally printed before its affixed. Add a personal touch with sentimental family photos, or choose a pattern that adds visual interest. Even a look mimicking the intricacy of tile can be achieved, without any trouble of cracking tiles, grout or maintenance. One thing to keep in mind is that though most splashbacks are cut from single panels, any corners or odd edges may require more than one panel. To avoid “breaking up” a picture into multiple parts, consider the space the splashback is in before choosing the photo. No one would like a picture of their loved ones, only to see the glass cut halfway across someone’s face.

Regardless of the decoration chosen, elevate the practicality of the glass splashback even further and look for a coating that can be used on the glass. The protective coating should repel grime and dirt, making cleaning even easier than even. Ritec ClearShield, for instance, resists discolouration and stains, helping preserve the look of the glass. Anything that can make the glass prolong the new look of the glass should be considered, especially in an area like the kitchen, that is prone to spills and other damage.

In any home, the kitchen is a place where significant time is spent cooking, cleaning and maybe eating as well. Why not make it a fun place to be with any of these visual design upgrades? The one of a kind look a bespoke glass splashback can provide a room is easily created without much time invested.