Want to Measure the Splashbacks for Kitchen – Here’s a How to Lesson

printed glass splashback

So, have you decided that you want a glass splashback for your kitchen? Anyways good decision! Your kitchen has been properly fitted, all the units in your mind are in and your superb worktop is installed, you call it a number 1 glass splashbacks company, My Colour Glass to arrange the survey, but how do we do it?

Well, a precise answer to this is very difficult. Earlier in the days when internal combustion engine was invented and there was no man who landed on the moon, the glass trade was simply all about making templates and tape measures but with everything else in life, things get better, quality improves, things evolve, all templates and tape measures do is get you near to the size. So do you wish to get splashbacks that fit nearly? In that case of the tape measures, can you be sure honestly that tape measure is appropriate and the other end of it which may be 2 or 3 meters away is literally on the correct point and not 1 or 2 mm off? I’ve actually understood this method of surveying, you get to the site, spend hours in making perfectly fitting templates just to go away and then you either scan or measure or probe those templates into a machine and find that both the ways are not accurate.

Together with this came CAD (Computerized Aided Drawing). And then came into the picture the prodim with the discovery of the pro liner. So now all you need to do is have a proper setup, and home your machine. This will touch the points where you want the glass splashbacks to be installed. By doing this your machine will fetch the attention that is accurate for you. If your worktop or units have been fitted 1mm or 2mm out of the plumb or level, and we hardly see a kitchen that has not been then the proliner will definitely pick it up for you get less ugly silicon on your installation. However, it does not stop there and then. Once this will be saved it can be directly sent to the CNC machine and the machine will then cut and finish your glass perfectly to these sizes.

So the question is why not everyone makes use of a proliner? Well, the only reason behind this is the cost. If you are looking for an OK job and you are actually not fussy about it then make use of the templates and tape measure. And if you want your glass splashback installation to be as best as it can be. It is suggested to get it measured with a prodim proliner. My Colour Glass is concerned about your job and we care about you as well as our reputation in the market. So, let us be your real assistant in fitting the glass in your home while measuring every inch of it.