Why are Glass Balustrades So Special for Home Interiors & Exteriors?

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Why are Glass Balustrades So Special for Home Interiors & Exteriors?

Glass balustrades comply with the safety guidelines of BCA; it’s no wonder why people opt for it. There are so many buildings that use glass balustrades for its balconies and even staircases. This is because it offers maximum security and protection. Choosing decorative glass balustrades for your home is a great option, as it can be used for both outdoor and indoor decorations.

Keep reading to learn more about why the glass balustrades system is the perfect choice for your home.

Increased safety

The main objective of glass balustrades is for protection purposes in swimming pool areas, balconies, staircases, and other areas. Glass balustrades would blend in with any modern decorated home, so you shouldn’t worry about how it would look. If you are considering installing glass balustrades just for security purpose then you should call our experts. That way you can understand how to enhance the looks of your home while still making it safe.

Beautifies your home

No matter how ordinary and plain your home looks, installing glass balustrades gives it an extreme beauty. Glass reflects light, so it adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to your home. Apart from it adding beauty to your home, it gives it more value in case you plan on reselling your house.

Creates the illusion of more space

Glass balustrades give the illusion of more space in any home. This is mostly true if the material used is clear and see-through glass balustrades. When installed around pool areas, stairs or even used as glass door it creates the image of an expansive atmosphere. The illusion is something that cannot be achieved with other type of balustrades like iron or chrome.

Increases natural light

Naturally, glass is a material that doesn’t absorb light but reflects it. So when used for the exterior of your home it doesn’t block out the light, instead, it gives it the illusion of a well-lighted space.

Most homes lose their beauty due to poor lighting. But making use of glass balustrades would ensure that the interior and exterior décor of your home is well enhanced, as it allows light to shine through. Also, it creates an airy feel as it enhances the presence of sunlight even when indoors.

Easy to maintain

One major reason why glass balustrades are common is because of its low-cost maintenance. Unlike other balustrades like wood or metal that have intricate designs and are also hard to clean. Glass balustrades can be cleaned with any quality cleaner, and in less than five minutes you are done. And in cases where it has scratches, you can easily just get it polished to restore its original beauty. In essence, maintaining glass balustrades is just a piece of cake, if you know what you are doing.


Glass balustrades that are newly installed can last for a very long time, with little maintenance. It is a misconception that glass is delicate, but it is a very durable material. Over the years it would still maintain its quality, unlike wood which is highly susceptible to pest infestation. Glass balustrade is an excellent investment for your home.