Why More People Are Choosing Glass Splashbacks For Their Kitchens

red glass splashbacks 2

Glass splashbacks have commonly been seen only in glossy home design magazines or fancy designer show homes but these expensive looking features are becoming extremely popular for home renovators regardless of their budget. Glass splashbacks provide a singularly attractive look and in contrast to tile and stone splashbacks glass reflects and refracts light so that kitchens not only look larger they are significantly brighter too. Some of the key reasons that people have been choosing glass splashbacks in recent years are:
• Look and Design – Glass splashbacks can be obtained in multiple different looks, colours and shapes. By having a coloured glass splashback in your home, they become features in your home and completely change the look and feel of a room. In addition as glass splashbacks have previously been considered a “high-end” renovation item, their inclusion in any design ensures that homes with them simply have a more expensive look than otherwise.

• Toughened Glass – As glass splashbacks are constructed from toughened glass, they are suitable not only for walls near sinks, but can also be placed behind stoves giving a room a seamless look and feel. In fact glass in kitchens need not be restricted to the splashback alone as they make beautiful countertops also and are extremely long lasting and resilient.

• Cleanliness and Hygiene – As glass is naturally resistant to water and most household chemicals and acids, it is extremely easy to keep clean in comparison to some of the other materials used for splashbacks like tile and stone. With stone and tile it is possible that the cleaning materials used could actually damage the surface of the splashback itself which is fortunately not the case with glass.

• Size and Shape – As glass splashbacks are literally cut to size to fit the surface that you want covered, there is no need to worry about grout lines or anything else impacting their look and appeal. In addition glass splashbacks need to be cut to match existing electrical sockets in the room also further enhancing their clean and seamless look..

If you are considering a glass splashback for your kitchen, feel free to contact us. At MyCoulourGlass we only specialize in glass and have many different ways that we can use it to enhance the look and feel of your home. Check out our site for some inspiring ideas and if you need help installing it after the purchase we can do that too! Regardless of the style you choose, you can rest assured that your glass splashback will not only be unique to you and your kitchen but that it will be something beautiful, inspiring and practical.