Glass Shelves

Glass Shelves – MyColourGlass offer glass shelves in any size and thickness.

Whether you have an awkward small space in your home that you’d like to repurpose, or you’d like to add some subtle design touches to your home organisation, glass shelves are a great choice. We use 6, 8 or 10mm  toughened glass, with the edges polished, to make sure that your shelf can endure years of use. We can also cut the glass to any size, ensuring that you’ll have a flawless fit in your home.

Glass Shelves are easy to clean and match many different types of interior decor. Glass also provides an elegant look and allows light to filter through, which can make it a good option for displaying certain items, including delicate fixtures. Since we produce bespoke cuts, your glass shelf will fit perfectly into any space in your home.

If you’re looking for a little more splash to your home decor, we can produce custom glass shelves for you in our signature coloured look! We offer an array of colours, including those in the Dulux and RAL systems. We will also colour match an existing sample if you have a particular shade in mind. Produced like our other glass products, the coloured shelves are made with 6, 8 or 10mm toughened glass to ensure your shelf will last.

Unsure if glass shelves are right for you? If you are having difficulty creating space, both in reality and visually, glass is a good option to consider. Since glass shelving is relatively light and can be mounted, adding shelving could help you organise around the home. Since the glass does not necessarily have to be contained in another piece of furniture, like a cabinet, it also reduces visual clutter and “heaviness” involved when adding a fixture in your home.

When you want the best materials and service, choose the experts at MyColourGlass. We use only the highest quality products and are proud of our attention to detail and workmanship. You can be assured that the glass we use adheres to all safety standards. We promise total satisfaction with our work once the project is complete.

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