Glass Staircases

Glass Staircases? Who ever heard of this? It sounds like something direct from a “Fairy Tale”. Modern design and innovations have taken it a step further and made glass staircases a reality. Unlike the “Glass Slipper” in Cinderella, which could be broken, glass staircases made from architectural glass are extremely durable using the glass you find in high rise buildings and other challenging architectural feats. There is nothing that can excel the beauty and spaciousness captured with a glass staircase. A glass staircase is one of the greatest feats accomplished by designers and fabricators around the World.

What Kind of Shapes Feature Glass Staircases?  

Glass staircases can come in almost any shape you can dream of. Science and advanced architectural engineering have made it possible to safely construct this fascinating beauty. If you don’t want to walk up the glass staircase, you can always take the “Glass Elevator”. Lets look at a few of the possibilities with glass staircases in your home or commercial setting.

  • Standard Glass Stairwell– The “standard” stairs as we know them are often just straight with steps directly “one above another”. You will sometimes see a landing to break up the straightness of the staircase. No longer are staircases simply “standard” when it comes to the luxuriant beauty of the “glass staircase”.
  • Spiral Glass Staircase- A “spiral” staircase done in glass can have the vision of walking on air, especially when combined with glass railings. You can use standard boards for the steps if you want, incorporating any colour. Could you imagine blue steps seemingly floating in air? This would definitely be a heavenly vision.
  • Curved & Wavy Glass Stairs-  For the most in contemporary design, try a “wavy” pattern floating right up your wall to the next level. You can make a set of “waves” if you so desire. Lights incorporated with the “waves” are the ultimate when it comes to contemporary design.
  • Zig Zag Glass Stairs– “Zig-Zag” stairs are a fantastic vision and element to add to your modern day decor. You will surely wonder at this “out-of-the-world” feat, and will want to check out the work and photographs of major designers using this particular design of glass staircases.

Helical Glass Staircases – “Helical” glass staircases using curves as their main stance are a work of art. Combine these with toughened glass bespoke “back-painted” in white balustrades, and you really have something. This would be especially appealing if the stairs came out onto a clear glass loft overlooking a cathedral type ceiling with “sky lights” over the staircase.  

Glass Staircase OverView

You can bet that these optical illusion type stairs of the most contemporary in design meet the building requirements for the most rigid of standards and construction codes. You can go up as many levels as you want with glass staircasing. We carry the most beautiful glass balustrades at MyColourGlass to compliment the most elegant of glass stairs.  Today is the day for you to come and check out the fantastic world of glass staircases and railings for the ultimate in design.