How to Install Glass Splashbacks

Install Glass Splashbacks yourself. Before fitting painted glass as a wall covering, we recommend checking the state of the walls to avoid any deterioration in the paint on the back of the glass and to facilitate the setting process

Tips for preventing deterioration of the glass paint

  • Apply the glass to a clean, dry surface: do not fit glass on walls that could become damp.
  • Pre-treat crumbling surfaces with a primer.
  • Ensure that the paint on the rear of the glass has not been scratched during the assembly process.

Tip for easier installation

  • Smooth out any uneven wall surfaces. A smooth surface will ensure optimum adherence of the glass

Fitting glass to the wall

There are two ways of fitting glasses to the wall:

The bonding method, using:

The mechanical method, using:

  • Screws
  • Metal clips
  • Or fixing the glass directly into a frame.

MyColourGlass strongly recommends the bonding method.

Install Glass Splashbacks using the Bonding method


Recommendations for use:

Before starting work, read the recommendations for use supplied by the silicone manufacturer (particularly regarding the quantities of silicone to be used per m2).

 We recommend to use a transparent low modulus neutral cure silicone sealant.


Thickness of MCG Glass Weight of glass/m2
6 mm 15 kg

You are recommended to use ten 10 mm x 100 mm strips per kg of painted glass and to apply several smaller pieces rather than one single length (as indicated below).

Please do not peel off the silver foil at the back of the glass if any. Apply adhesive on it!