Mirror splashbacks and Mirrors

MyColourGlass can supply and install mirrors and mirror splashbacks for your home or office.

 Mirrors are a wonderful choice as a home decor option. The reflection allows for the impression that the room is bigger than it really is, making it an appealing choice in small spaces. Since mirrors are reflective, they can add some brightness to the room as they reflect the existing light.

 Our glass mirrors are made from either 4 or 6mm clear standard mirrored glass, 6mm low-iron, 6mm tinted grey, 6mm tinted bronze, or antique finished glass. Choose what looks works best for your home and we’ll make sure we cut it to fit perfectly. We can also make cutouts to allow for sockets, fixtures and other fittings. Mirrored glass is easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for your next home project.

 For the kitchen, a mirrored splashback is a good-looking alternative to tile behind the sink or any other area. An antique or tinted finish, however, will hide splatter and other kitchen wear better than a standard finish mirror.

 We can manufacture and deliver the following mirror types:
4-6mm Clear Standard Mirror
6mm Low-Iron Mirror
6mm Tinted Grey
6mm Tintet Bronze
Antique Mirrors – Silver, Bronze

Optional foil backing to achieve BS EN 12600

For the best quality glass products, choose the experts at MyColourGlass. Our products are produced with only the highest standard of glass, ensuring that you receive a superior product that is compliant with all national standards. With unmatched workmanship and attention to detail, we know you will be completed satisfied with our products.

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