Frameless Glass Balustrades

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Frameless Glass Balustrades Frameless glass balustrades offer maximum safety and give your balcony, terrace, and decking a perfect finish. It defines boundaries of the home without creating interruptions. The frameless glass balustrade is one of the most popular home décor trends today, that gives your home a stunning visual. If you are confused about how […]

Great Ways To Use Glass Splashbacks To Add Color To Your Space

Glass Splashbacks For Bathrooms & kitchens

Glass splashbacks are stunning alternatives to tiles. It’s no wonder why most people opt for it when moving into a new house, or when redecorating. Glass splashbacks can be used anywhere in the home to transform the look, but you need to be creative. The most popular place it is being used in is the […]

Five Ideas Using Glass Splashbacks to Make Your Home Look Great

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You will really enjoy these 5 ideas, using glass splashbacks, we have gathered to help make your home look great. There are so many wonderful ways to use glass in the home improvement field, so it is definitely difficult to narrow down to just a few. Surely we all know the quick advantage of adding […]

Fascinating Ways To Add Glass Balconies & Walls In Your Home Decor

Glass Home Interiors

Glass in the home decor adds beauty and clarity. Glass Balconies and has carried a place in history throughout the ages and has been honored as a precious and valuable material in the home decor. Glass for the home decor comes in many shapes, colours, and forms. The same glass used in the home setting […]

Our Choice for the Best Contemporary Glass Balcony Systems

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After much expert scouting and “know-how”, we are ready to present our choices of 5 hot ideas for the best contemporary glass balcony systems. You will really enjoy these. They are not only beautiful in presentation, but are also very realistic in design, safety, and durability. Our Choice for the Best Contemporary Glass Balcony Systems […]

Frameless Glass Balustrades

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Frameless glass balustrades have seemingly replaced the traditional balustrades in the world of contemporary architecture. Balustrades are “multi-functional” and can be found throughout the home or business in a setting which requires a safety railing. Not only are glass balustrades used as the well known “safety railings” on stairs, balconies, terraces, and other areas requiring […]