Get a Clear Glass Splashback for your Kitchen

clear glass splashback

Our clear glass splashbacks are manufactured from toughened glass that has been cut to your specification before getting produced. It can be shaped to fit best under the practical aspect of your kitchen. We have a wide range of the custom-made splashback which is totally heat resistant. It can offer you the protection from splashing grease while cooking and it is obviously easy to clean.

Our completely bespoke splashbacks are made to your needs and bring a touch of your personality to your kitchen.

Specification of Clear Glass Splashbacks

When it comes to clear glass splashbacks, these are easy to clean and the coating is available which assist in repelling the grease. This is also available in variety glass thickness.

Gloss or the Brushed Glass Finishes

  • Our glass printed glass splashbacks are designed from low iron glass
  • This is heat resistant to over 400C
  • All the edges are polished with a 1.5 mm level

If drill holes are ordered, they are the same thickness of the glass because of the toughening process and the needs.

Brushed Glass Splashbacks

You’ll often find that brushed glass splashbacks are scratch resistant, matt glass, non-reflective finish but these are obviously not present in low iron, so lighter prints may be affected by the natural green tinge of the glass.

Glass thickness

There are a number of glass thicknesses available, they are totally perfect and suitable to be used as a kitchen splashback. Their sizes can be totally useful to match well to the existing worktop upstands or to cover any gaps between the wall and the worktop.

Glass and Image colours

The total variety of printed glass splashbacks are manufactured using the low iron glass, also popular as optically clear glass. As the name suggests, a low iron content, generally speaks of the colours viewed from the front of the glass. These are more or less same as the colours on the back. However as the designs and colours are on the rear of the glass, there can emerge a lot of differences in the colour because of colour differences emerging with the light refraction and the reflection. Thicker glass will obviously affect the colours more as there is a lot more glass to refract the reflection of the light.

So, if you wish to be 100% sure about the colour that you receive, or how the image will appear on the glass, go ahead with MY Colour Glass in UK.