Reasons To Choose Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens


Kitchen splashbacks are essential if you want to ensure that you are protecting your home from the ravages of water and bacteria. Simply put, if excessive water “sits” on the surface of the wall for extended periods of time it will seep into the wall and start to cause rot and damage to the structure of your home.  In addition, stains and bacteria from cooking if left untreated will act in a similar fashion causing unpleasant odours with the potential for serious health risks.  A splashback acts as a barrier to protect the surface of the wall from both water and cooking splatter and depending upon the material chosen, provides you with a simple and easy to clean surface.

Splashbacks are available in multiple different materials, colours and looks but are primarily comprised of tile, stone or glass.  Care must be taken with the material chosen however as while some splashbacks provide good protection at the beginning of their life; over time their ability to protect your home severely degrades due to a variety of factors.

Generally speaking tile and stone splashbacks are comprised of multiple individual pieces. These pieces are connected together through the use of grout.  In the course of everyday usage, splatter from cooking hits not only tile and stone, but also these grout lines and while it is fairly simple to clean larger pieces of the splashback, access to the smaller grout lines is significantly more difficult.  Unfortunately as these grout lines do not get cleaned as regularly they become a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and mildew which is not only unhealthy for the homeowners but could in fact rot through the grout itself.  If this happens the effectiveness of the splashback as a water barrier is severely compromised also, completely negating its worth.

Glass splashbacks by contrast are constructed of toughened glass.  Not only is this material naturally resistant to water, it repels stains also.  However perhaps most important from a health and well being point of view – glass is hygienic.  Glass is not affected by most household chemicals and due to the fact that glass splashbacks are constructed in a single continuous sheet there are also no grout lines to worry about, which makes keeping them clean even easier.  Another important point to consider is the fact that glass is a naturally reflective material, as such installing a glass splashback tends to make a room not only look brighter but also significantly more spacious too.

At MyColourGlass we offer either tinted glass or glass with a coloured back and all of our glass is toughened meaning that it is completely suitable for use in even the most high traffic areas.  Regardless of the style you choose, you can rest assured that your glass splashback will not only be unique to you and your kitchen but that it will be something beautiful, inspiring and practical.