Glass Shelves – Spacious Look to your Bathroom

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Glass Shelves – Givee a Spacious Look to your Bathroom 

Kitchen and bathroom are the two most important areas of your house, which need to be designed carefully. When designing your bathroom area, the most important factor that fetches attention is space. However, to give your bathroom a spacious look, the glass shelves work extraordinarily. Here are some of the glasses that you can choose from in order to have the desired look of your bathroom area.


Customized Glass Shelves

Depending on the look and lighting effect you wish to have in your bathroom, you can choose the glass shelves for that. These glass shelves can be customized by size, style and shape. Choose a specific type of edge you want. Talking about edges there are different types of it like: seamed edges with no sharp edges, pencil polish edges, beveled edges, smooth and rounded. While these glass edges have got distinctive shape and style, these also make a great difference in the appearance of a bathroom.


Add space to the Counterless Sinks with Corner Tempered Glass Shelf

For vertical walls and the corner spaces, the counterless glass shelves work very well. It can be really difficult to contemplate your bathroom space. However, custom glasses, corner shelves or the over-sink shelves are a great way to make this process easier. These glass shelves work as added space in the bathroom.  In case you have lots of stuff loaded in your bathroom storage area, adding new shelves free up the space and offer convenience. These glass shelves can be customized as per sizes, styles or the dimensions that you will provide. Square or rectangular glasses are referred as compared to other shapes for these offers a good amount of storage space. Then there are different types of glasses like clear glasses, low-iron, gray, frosted or bronze glass.


Floating Shelf Brackets

These are other famous types of glass shelves working well to offer a good amount of space in the area. First of all you need to decide about the placement of your floating glass shelves. We recommend brackets made for shelves hanging on one wall, on a corner shelf which hang on two walls or the shelves that hang on three walls just like a small alcove.

After this if you have plans to install these shelf brackets in corners of your bathroom, then triangular, pentagonal and quarter circle glass kits are a good choice. Apart from this, there are lots of shelf hardware finishes and glass shelf dimensions available which make your bathroom look spacious and beautiful too. All you need to decide is the place where you will install these shelves and the type of glass for your bathroom.

With this, when you can increase your bathroom space you would definitely want to look for the exact size of the shelf unit. There are many professionals out there that offer step to step services so that your bathroom can appear the way you exactly want it to. These experts let you know about the customizations, best material, installation system, the actual weight of glass shelves and a lot of things that are important to know. Installing shelves on various corners and the walls of your house dramatically enhance the space and look of the entire area. Though wooden shelves and the cupboards are in trend, but these go dirty and moldy with time. There is nothing as such with glass shelves. These shelves maintain their look and functionality for years. In addition to that, these glass shelves offer easy installation, are easy to clean and above all add to the practical as well as aesthetic value of bathroom in your house.